According to the Texas Department of Transportation data 46,000 vehicles a day pass the race track's location. Exposure will continually increase once the track begins its full race schedule of four events every week. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company's product.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Redline Raceway, located 30 miles east of Dallas, Texas on Interstate 30 and FM 1565, would like to offer you an exceptional oppertunity to showcase your company.

Drag Racing is one of the fastest growing spectator and participant sports in the United States today, and has one of the strongest consumer loyalty ratings of any sport. Along with the very diverse group of fans and participants, these factors make racing for one of the best forms of corporate marketing around today.

Corporate graphics located on the premises, combined with special event promotions and a total commitment to your company will produce a strong brand identity. Additional exposue will result through public relations opportunities, media coverage at every race event, and a spot on the homepage of our website with a clickable link to yours. Marketing by product placement at race events has become one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective buyers. The cost for this opportunity is very mineral in comparison to th eexposure that it will produce.

Make an investment

We are seeking marketing partners committed to long term sponsorships and continuous promoional efforts. We will provide the entertainment events and complete product loyalty. Thank you for your support.


Sponsor Commitment

Funding for:

     *Billboard Signage

     *Finish line (Both Lanes)

     *Fence Line

        *Track Perimeter

        *Staging Lanes

        *Full Length of Track (Both Sides)

     *Announcing Tower (All Four Sides)

     *Center Median (From Starting Line to Tree)

     *Proshop and Concession Building


Promoter Commitment

Redline Raceway will commit to hold annual IHRA National events during race season, from March to October with an average of three to four race events per week. During a race event you will receive a public address product endorsement after every pass. Redline Raceway also commits to you as a sponsor to give complete product exclusively on "Special Nights" for sponsored events, give-aways, reduced admissions, coupons, etc. for the term of your contract.


***Please call to go over what we have available and pricing per sign you would like to start advertising with at Redline Raceway



                                         Your Redline Raceway Representative 

                                Harry Hronas

                                (214) 324-0602