Old School Back Half

5 Second Old School BackHalf ShootOut

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1. No square or round running through frame rails past the front of the firewall.

2. Fabricated firewalls okay in factory position.

3. Stock front frame rails.

4. Tubular A arms and racks are okay.

5. Coil over shocks okay if mounted in stock location.

6. Back half from firewall back.

7. Four link and ladder bars are okay.

8. Motor mounts in stock location.

9. Any size tire.

10. No bolt on front ends except 67′ and older Chevy II’s.

11. Big blocks 3000 lbs, and small blocks 2800 lbs .

12. Cars are weighed prior to each round and must proceed straight to the starting lanes.

13. Single Carburetor.

14. Two stages N.O.S. ok.

15. No pro chargers, Turbos 91mm-3000 LBS, Small block OK

16. Automatic transmission only – power glide-turbo 350, etc.

17. No sheet metal intakes, no Big Chief heads.

18. Aluminum blocks OK.

19. 4/10ths pro tree.

20. Courtesy stage.

21. Faster than 5.00 is an automatic DQ.

22. All track rules apply, includes human error.

23. Luck of the draw for pairings ((random drawing by uninterested party.))

24. $50.00 track entry fee (car and driver included).

25. Times will be shown.

26. Voluntary point system for end of year awards. One time $50.00 entry fee.
Points start as soon as entry fee is paid to Old School Back Half.