Pro 580

Metco 580

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  • Door cars and left handed steer, full fender roadsters.
  • Any motor and any fuel.
  • 2014 Rule Change-NOS Timers allowed.
  • NOS may be turned on and off only once with delay box or timer.
  • MPH at finish line must be similar to rest of field.
  • Delay Boxes are legal.
  • No operational throttle stops or like devices allowed (Air or Electric). (They must be disconnected at the stop before qualifying and racing begins).
  • The use of any electronic traction controller or down track traction controller is prohibited, either separate or integrated in another electronic device.
  • Race will be run on a .4 pro tree.
  • Burnouts across starting line are permitted.
  • Courtesy staging and auto start will be on.
  • If a car turns on both lights, pre-stage & stage , the other car has the option to stage or make the other car back out and re-stage.
  • If both cars are staged and ready to race and either car rolls out of the beams, forwards or backwards, that car will be disqualified.
  • No limit of time trial passes you can make before qualifying.
  • Each racer will get 2 qualifying runs, but only at the time “qualifying” is run. Once “qualifying” has begun, you are not allowed any more open trials.
  • If on your qualifying runs you go faster than the 5.80 index, it will count, but you will be moved to the bottom of the ladder.
  • Entry fee will be $100.00 for Car, Driver & One pit crew member.
  • If you don’t qualify, you will receive a $75.00 refund.
  • The field of car’s will be 16, 24, 32 etc.
  • Less than 16 cars will be an all-run.
  • You must run at least 6.10 or faster to qualify.
  • Bye run to be determined by ladder. No one to receive more than one bye run unless it is a competition bye run.

2014 PRO 580 PAYOUT

  • 16 Car Field
  • This is Minimum Payout
  • All Track and Sponsorship money is added to Payout

1st Place $ 700
2nd Place $ 300
3rd and 4th Places $ 150
5th-8th Places $ 75